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Slow Food New Orleans supports the philosophy of Slow Food International that everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible. The food traditions of New Orleans are inseparably bound to its musical heritage, which combine to create a lush and internationally renowned culture. Food fuels the heart while music feeds the soul of a city and region where cultural influences from around the world simmer in a pot of gumbo that in turn feeds cultures of the world.


Quality, flavorsome and healthy food. A food’s flavor and aroma, recognizable to educated, well-trained senses, is the fruit of the competence of the producer and of choice of raw materials and production methods, which should in no way alter its naturalness.


The environment has to be respected and sustainable practices of farming, animal husbandry, processing, marketing and consumption should be taken into serious consideration. Every stage in the agro-industrial production chain, consumption included, should protect ecosystems and biodiversity, safeguarding the health of the consumer and the producer.


Social justice should be pursued through the creation of conditions of labor respectful of man and his rights and capable of generating adequate rewards; through the pursuit of balanced global economies; through the practice of sympathy and solidarity; through respect for cultural diversities and traditions.

Our Team


Gary Granata >>

Gary Granata is the chair of Slow Food New Orleans and is a staunch advocate for Slow Food’s mission of Good, Clean and Fair Food for everyone. Gary holds a PhD in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition from Georgia State University and a Masters in Foods and Nutrition from the


Seth Hamstead >>

Seth Hamstead is a West Virginia native who currently resides in New Orleans. His respect for local food traditions was cultivated with his introduction to New Orleans while at Tulane University. Seth received his BS in Chemistry, which also allowed him to experiment in the kitchen and build his passion


Dana Honn >>

Dana Honn is head chef and owner at Carmo, an award-winning New Orleans-based tropical restaurant and bar which is recognized and certified for its sustainable practices by multiple national and international organizations, including the Green Restaurant Association, LifeCity and Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

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